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Email. pablo@talkintourism.com

Tel. +41 78 602 8818

We are based in Geneva, Switzerland

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E-learning Platforms

We develop e-learning platforms for the travel industry.


E-learning platforms are ideal for educating staff members about your destination or product. 

We help you develop the coursework and programs that will help travel professionals become experts at selling and promoting your destination.

Your very own E-learning platform will have amazing features ideal for destinations or complex travel products who want to educate travel operators. 

Key Features

Safe access

User profiles

Embedded videos

Multimedia courses

Group walls

Tests and certification

Access to the platform will be granted to users by using a username and password. The latter will be automated so that you will not have to worry about registration.  

Every user will create their own profile. The user profile will be stored. User profiles can be customised allowing users to interact with you and fellow platform users. 

We can embed videos from other platforms such as YouTube into your courses. This improves the visibility of your brand and enhances the learning experience. 

The E-learning platform allows all sorts of marketing materials to be uploaded. We take care of integrating them to your coursework so that users have video, text, sound bytes and interactive testing capabilities. 

The E-learning platforms allows the creation of shared walls. Platform users are capable of interacting with each other or with you hence enriching the learning experience.

You can evaluate users by creating online tests. This helps provide certification to those who successfully finish the coursework and identify professionals who understand your selling proposition.

E-learning platforms will help everyone learn how to sell

your destination or service better.